Fantastic Portal

(Spanish version Only)

FANTASTIC PORTAL is an official ZYKAX podcast for all of us who believe that the power of imagination is the strength of our species.

Hello, my name is Camilo Hernández and I will be with you in this adventure!

In the next episodes we will enter the dimension of the imagination together to share strange notes, stories and conversations about aliens, dragons, zombies, ghosts, robots, witches, superheroes, time travel, dystopias, mysteries and any exceptional creation that you can imagine.

This space is for those of us who dream of fantasy, learn from science fiction, we are impressed with terror and we live thinking about imaginary universes, memorable characters and unexpected images that inspire us.

We are creators and we live in the movie like you!

We are passionate about books, movies, series, comics, video games, works of art and in general experiences that show us amazing and absurd visions.

Prepare to feel the magic of the surprising in Zykax’s Fantastic Portal.

Coming soon our first episodes …