Background and experience in the audiovisual industry.

During the last decade we have worked with companies, agencies, producers, brands and artists from the entertainment, education and advertising industries, creating diverse forms of contents for national and international clients.

Since the moment we started we have exported animation services from Colombia to different parts of the world such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Aruba, Argentina, etc.



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With each one of the audiovisual contents in which we have collaborated, we have acquired experience, creative, technical and logistical capacity to create and produce integral audiovisual communication strategies for film, television, digital, among others.

During the last decade we provide the following services:



Comprehensive strategies for audiovisual, transmedia, cross media and edutainment for packages of audiovisual content for entertainment, promotion, information, branded content and video marketing, based on the communication objectives required and the specific needs of the interconnected audiences. Management of budgets and resources according to communication objectives, aesthetics and technique.



Stories, characters, scripts and narrative universes for audiovisual content with high doses of fantasy, depending on the strategic scope and resources assigned to each project.


Concept Art

Concept art, designs and illustrations for audiovisual content with high doses of fantasy, based on the strategic and creative foundations of each project.

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Animation / 3D / CG

3D / CG digital animation, and characters based on specific knowledge with updated technological tools in order to meet the communication, aesthetic, artistic and technical objectives of each project. Modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, dev look, render, digital composition and postproduction.


Motion Graphics 3D , 2D

Motion graphics or digital design pieces animated in 3D or 2D, on graphic environments or live action in order to achieve a high visual impact to communicate messages in a playful and efficient way in audiovisual contents of entertainment, education or advertising.

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Digital Composition for visual effects ( VFX )

Digital composition for post-production of visual effects (VFX) in live action productions of cinematographic, television or digital contents. Technical tasks such as clean plates (touch-ups, rotoscopes and chroma key), tracking and matchmoving, integration of real image with 3D, treatment, composition and finalization for Full CGI pieces.

Thanks to our human talent, friends, clients and collaborators because together we have energetically and proactively contributed our skills in any part of the process of preproduction, production or postproduction in the audiovisual contents of this collection with creativity, collaborative work, solid foundations in audiovisual narratives, artistic excellence and genuine creative and technical knowledge in diverse roles, tools and software.