We are an entertainment company from the city of Medellin, Colombia in South America, focused entirely on creating original content on fantasy and science fiction to entertain and inspire different types of global audiences.

We create original content such as movies, comics and digital ecosystems with fantastic stories, memorable characters and imaginary universes.

Our team consists of creators, artists, innovators and professionals from different specialties with national and international experience in the entertainment, education and advertising.



Founder - Director


Content Creator


Creative Assistant


Creative Assistant – Voice actor


Marketing and advertisement

Diego Palacio

Audio Producer

Vanessa Arteaga

International Business

Claudia Salinas

Administrative Director

León artista

Artistic mentor

Santiago Hernández

Business Mentor

Elkin Salinas

Business Consultant

We are committed to energetically contribute our experience, capabilities and potential in each original contents that we create applying our basics principles that are:

Passion for fantasy and sci fi

Imagination and Creativity

Solid foundation for audiovisual narratives

Team work and proactivity

Artistic and technical excellence

Authenticity and conviction

Responsibility and honesty

human warmth and respect

Social Responsibility


To these great human beings we say THANK YOU because while we had the opportunity to create together, they contributed the best of themselves and stood out because of their great management leaving a positive and immortal footprint in our evolution. We love you and we will always wish you the best!

Alejandro Giraldo

Co founder

Laura Álvarez
Samuel Salinas
Laura Arroyo

zykax logo

Our brand is original.

Zykax is an original concept and name created with a meaning of an interdimensional state of expanded imagination where our level of creative energy is infinite and all fantasies are possible.

Our logo

It visually represents a flow of earthly vital energy enhanced within a unified and solid typography with a pyramidal structure (Letter A), which has the ability to concentrate, channel and stimulate the vibrations and particles of life transforming them into a stable, Infinite and powerful flow of creative energy that drives and teleports us to our Zykax.

The underline was also created visually by analogy with the ‘Namasté‘ greeting expression, which fir us it represents an invitation to share and respectfully connect with our audience through that flow of creative energy.

Our Background and experience

During the last decade we acquired experience in the entertainment, advertising and education industries, exporting services and collaborating with various processes of pre-production, production and post-production of audiovisual content on demand such as films (short films), commercials, trailers, music videos, lyric videos, animated branding packages for television, edutainment, videogames and motion graphics with directors, producers, artists, companies, brands, agencies and audiovisual producers from different parts of the world such as: Colombia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Aruba and Argentina , among others.

In June 2018 we decided to focus exclusively on creating our own original content and stopped any other audiovisual projects.

Sharing lessons and experiences.

Do you want to create with us?

If you are interested in creating fantasy and science fiction collaborating with us in one of our fantasy projects or you want to support us with your resources, then send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible: